How To Get Cash From Videos, Articles And How-To Pieces

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If you are an aspiring author, how do you get your content to the publishers and media? Who pays for content creation and distribution? How does a publisher know to turn over a client’s content after it has been published.

Book publisher take as much as 21%. That is a big chunk of your income that goes to pay for production and distribution expenses.

Both big and small publishers have how-to pieces today beginning with how to reports. This is a cost-effective piece of online content. The information is ready for immediate distribution.

What is the cost of a how-to?

This may vary in time. It depends on the ability of the writer. It depends on how long an information product needs to be. For a report you may only need 10-12 pages. A how-to book may need 200 pages. A 20 hour course, will generally dominate the how-to business.

How-to books are often sold in a PDF format. For most of the most successful authors selling them online, the book has a template. This template has two pages – a cover page, closeout, and the sales letter. This online product is getting direct distribution for peace of mind.

By owning several books, you can provide education to publish a successful home business. You become the expert.

How-to books are hot sellers online. To improve your income, you need to create several of them.

The Internet is making publishing information a “no brainer”. For those of us who sell information products, we like creating the products for a reason. In the end, the product is creating a steady stream of income.

If you combine creating articles (to send readers onto your website), and, how-to books, you’ll have an information product that works.

It is always easier to create an information product that provides a high quality, use-able format. This will be digital in nature using the information age’s most “wanted” product – the “Information Age”.

How-to products that are convenient and easy to create are always in demand.

An enticing title can really make your product sell. Focus on a helpful “how-to”, rather than something merely fun. Your original, personal experience is expected. As with any product, the more you sell it, the more money you make.

Don’t worry about making it completely perfect just yet. Create a version of an article or a how-to that adds value.

It is also easy to create “amateur” material. You can produce this with your own personal experience.

You need to establish a comfortable amount of trust and rapport before beginning to launch your actual professional product.

It can be a good investment to combine the two strategies.

Many people are targeting the very specific niche in the early days of the Internet.

When the “New Economy” began, Internet marketers would offer “links” to the products for merepiences. They would go to Google, enter some keywords in the search box and download a relevant product.

These genuine expertilearnings were popular and made a lot of money for the people that wrote them.

Today’s Internet market is so competitive it’s Recommendations are often “so-so” products

Expect a “baby boom” and a huge growth in the quantity and variety of products available at the end of the recession.

How do you get started?

  1. Create a how-to guide that shows someone how or why to do something.
  2. Combine low-cost private label rights (PLR) products with your how-to guide.
  3. Convert your PLR to Digital form with a simple PDF format.
  4. Convert your mini-product to a video product – again, in a PDF format.
  5. Bundle a sales letter into a six-pack product.
  6. Purchase your own seminar to present it.
  7. Create This page: [http://www.learn2ear]

Your high-end program is the complete challenge and after the sold sales page is created, everything needs to be automated.

The sales letter will order your prospects’ name and email address (skype and Aweber are the programs for an optin page) and your optin page will appear when a prospect visits your sales page.

The digital download won’t even begin until the eight hours after the initial sale has been introduced. The mechanism to deliver the book to the clients is also automatic.

In this way, you are not required by huge time requirements like a traditional book – you present your own information products and you can order them from any website for $1.

You can get started immediately and that is another reason to work smart about it and not necessarily harder.