SEO Strategy – What’s a Content Strategy?

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When it comes to being visible online for your target, it’s not enough to just have a website. It’s also about creating content that targets your audience and online content strategies as a whole.

In today’s modern world and with the Changing Communications landscape it may be a contest between your content and your potential clients. The kind of content is that helps you get your website noticed, it is not just a big pile of words to try and optimize for Google. With online content strategies you can from your SEO and Online Marketing department across the world to focus on how to build out your content and make it for your target audience and search engines.

Step 1: Keyword/phrased content

The first step to a great online marketing strategy or content strategy is the keyword/phrased content. This means the information on your site needs to be noticed and get you into the Google search results at the very least. There are lots of pitfalls to go over with keywords and are discussed in my other articles, but this is really a place to start. There are also brainstorming sessions, being creative, and questioning your team members on the best methods to use to get your website noticed by Google.

You want as are few words that your users will think of when they are likely to use a search for your industry/product and that is why you need to be online 24/7. If you have a website then this can be as simple as signing up for Google AdWords but if you have not yet done so, it’s not expensive or too difficult.

Let me be more specific. Social Media is an amazing platform and it’s the best way for an individual to get their message out there and hit your potential customers/clients. Businesses and corporate as well pay to rank on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, I’ll concentrate on Google when I write this article. Do remember what I said before, you need to be online at all times. You need to have a web presence.**

Step 2: Reach your customers

With that being said you have two ways to reach your customers, through your website (website), through Facebook, Twitter and Google.

  1. Don’t Sabotage Your Search Engine Ranking By Focusing On Keywords

Your content strategy should bring your website to page one of Google in Google, but those are keywords (legacy words) that have been used by people searching for that content. I will talk more about that in the upcoming posts and teach you a great way to optimise your site for keywords and relevancy.

You need to build out your website in the same way. Purpose is the first thing you need to look at. You should also make sure you are releasing new content from time to time to keep your site active, competitive and modern.

There is a lot of information about optimising in your SEO section. It is part of your content strategy.

Step 3: Let the Google bots crawl your site

Let Google know about your site by indexing the entire document, video, PDF, HTML, css, image, among other things. Google also ranks your site at a specific rate on the basis of how visible your site is in Google, the best way to achieve this is to have your content amongst the high up the search results. There are also many plugins that will help with your meta tags.

If you find a website where you want to directly post your content, I would recommend uploading or visiting a free-featured blog and initially post articles. Once you are certain you understand the process, I would recommend you consider this. A blog can only be viewed when used with WordPress, WordPress helps with page ranks, Google likes live links and provides your site with fresh content.

Why should you go to a free blog space to post your content? From the SEO side, Google loves blogs with fresh content, a blog works in the same way. If you want your site to be on page one (and preferably the first page) of Google for your keywords, increase posts, comments, viewership, and reader interaction.